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Content for website? THE best ai copywriting software.

Content for website? THE best ai copywriting software. I may just be about to shoot myself in the foot - or help you if you’re on a budget but need content for website blogs on a large scale. Read to the end and save $49,500. I've been in the copywriting game for over 10 years now and in that time I've written a few million words - creating content for blogs and pages, sales and landing pages, white papers, reports, email sequences, etc. - in fact, you name the content and I've probably written it! I’ve built my [...]

Increase Your Profits with the Right Online Marketing Strategy

Your Content Goes Here Inbound Marketing is a proven, content-based marketing strategy for doing business online in our digital age. By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your Customers, not interruptive It’s the most effective, scalable and repeatable way of doing business online today. Rather than relying on obtrusive, outbound tactics such as buying ads, buying email lists and email blasts (spam), Inbound Marketing ensures you connect with your target audience in a way that naturally brings them to you. Most importantly of all, Inbound [...]

Online marketing strategy – is your content a dismal failure?

Your Content Goes Here If your online marketing strategy is a dud, your ROI is probably down the toilet and you're haemorrhaging money. It's that simple. Now, it may seem an obvious thing to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. You NEED a consistent online marketing strategy. Period. It doesn't help to dabble. These days, the online competition for the hearts and minds of your customers is fierce and getting more intense every day. You've got to have skin in the game and get serious about this stuff if you want to see results. If you don't, the lack of [...]

How’s your content? Do your website visitors actually want to read it?

Your Content Goes Here I was interested in a job advertisement for a freelance writer I came across recently. I could almost feel the advertiser’s frustration in the text of his ad. He wanted someone to write 2 – 4 posts a month for his blog. Sounds straightforward enough, right? Well, it would seem not. The following words formed part of his freelancing ad (paraphrased) “I just want someone who can write posts that my visitors actually want to read!” I don’t have the ad to hand right now, but I’m sure there was at LEAST one exclamation [...]

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