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Content for website blogs – 50,000 words anyone? The best value ai copywriting software.

Bulk content for your website anyone - the best ai copywriting software on a budget I may just be about to shoot myself in the foot - or help you if you’re on a budget but need content for website blogs on a large scale. Read to the end and save $49,500. I've been in the copywriting game for over 10 years now and in that time I've written a few million words - creating content for blogs and pages, sales and landing pages, white papers, reports, email sequences, etc. - in fact, you name the content and [...]

Best Sales Funnel Software Tools and Builders 2023

Best Sales Funnel Software Tools and Builders 2023 Les Blythe: Updated 31 JAN 2023 Sending cold leads directly to a sales page, without an efficient sales funnel in place, burns potential customers quickly and only provides you with a single opportunity to make a conversion and a sale. In this guide, I reviewed and ranked 5 of the best sales funnel software products to help you choose the best one for you. As a bonus, I've included my unique Sales Funnel ROI Calculator so you can crunch the numbers and easily calculate how much extra income you might generate [...]

Why is my email going to spam? Solved in 10 minutes!

Why is my email going to spam? Why IS my email going to spam dammit! "Why is my email going to spam" - great question, and one that's reared its ugly head with unfailing regularity in the years I've been involved in digital marketing! Sadly, one of the things I see holding back many businesses who would like to use email outreach (cold email) is that it’s perceived as being unethical or even “spammy”. This is a common misconception, talk to any email marketing specialist who does this for a living. Cold email can be defined as sending [...]

Why you should partner a digital marketing agency that understands AI

Your Content Goes Here AI, it is what it is In this strictly non-technical article, I’ll dissect AI and some closely related disruptive technologies as they relate to a digital marketing agency. I'll discuss why it's important to partner with a digital marketing agency that understands how to exploit these technologies while maintaining the human element of the client-agency relationship. And, I'll provide you with my useful definitions of some used and abused buzzwords - again strictly non-technical. You'll also get answers to the following questions: What are some of the main technologies that feed into Artificial Intelligence? [...]

3 Keys to Unlocking 25% More Profit from Your Business – Without New Customers 

Introduction If you’re in business, there’s a serious profit opportunity right under your nose. However, here’s a sad fact. This opportunity is either ignored completely or, in most cases, not fully exploited by most businesses. Too often, the value of existing customers and the potential they represent for increased revenue and profits is neglected at worst or mismanaged at best. But, a 25% increase in profits without new customers? Sure, why not? According to Management Consultancy, Bain & Co, it’s entirely possible. Bain & Co is one of the biggest (t/o $2Bn+) and most respected Management Consultancies on the planet, so it makes sense to consider what they have to say. [source:]. Here are the 3 keys to unlocking 25% more profit without new customers and what [...]

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