Website Copy for Famoco, Paris

FAMOCO is a multi-award-winning company with offices in Paris, Brussels, New Delhi and Singapore. They provide professional Android devices that enable their customers to run secure business applications. We worked closely with FAMOCO's marketing team in Paris to develop the copy for their new website. Website copy example HERE Client experience We've worked with [...]


Marketing Strategy and Website Content for Canecto APS, Denmark

We partnered with Canecto, a Danish startup bringing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software product to market. Canecto was developed at the University of Denmark in Copenhagen and we worked with Per Damgaard Husted, CEO of Canecto APS, to formulate and implement their marketing strategy. We also wrote content for their website. Website  HERE Client Experience [...]


Marketing Strategy and Copy for Masrock Trades, UK

I worked closely with Masrock's Managing Director, Shaun Rochford, to develop the content for their website including the T.E.C. (Targeted, Efficient, Cost-Effective) concept. I also helped Shaun make his LinkedIn profile more professional and targeted towards his company's ideal buyer persona. You can visit the Masrock website HERE.


Medical SaaS Copy for Clinical Metrics, US

In today’s value driven medical environment the ability of the insideoutcomes software solution to provide accurate, actionable data through patient reported outcomes is more critical than ever before.” Insideoutcomes delivers exceptional value to providers by putting affordable patient reported outcomes at the fingertips of medical professionals everywhere. GET TO KNOW INSIDEOUTCOMES We’re Delighted to be [...]