Project Description

Canecto APS, University of Denmark, Copenhagen

I worked with Canecto, a Danish startup bringing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS product to market, as their freelance Marketing Manager.

Canecto was developed at the University of Denmark in Copenhagen and I worked with Per Damgaard Husted, CEO of Canecto APS, to formulate and implement their marketing strategy.

I also wrote content for their website.

Website  HERE

Client Experience

The work Les has done for us involves creating our marketing strategy, positioning our communication messages, and writing content for the core pages on our website.

Les is professional and proactive in his work. He delivers on time and has a consistently high level of quality.

I would choose Les again if we were to start over and can recommend him to companies that are in the market for similar communication services.

– Per Damgaard Husted, CEO, Canecto APS Denmark

Full testimonial from Canecto HERE