What I’m all about

Hi, I’m Les Blythe, Founder and Owner of Les Blythe Digital Marketing.

I provide a range of copywriting and digital marketing services to tech companies and startups.

Briefly, here’s how I came to be in this business:

I come from an IT background and have worked for IBM, Fujitsu, and Xerox in the UK. I spent my time in Sales & Marketing roles as a customer-facing Account Manager/Director.

I was still employed by IBM (UK) when I visited South Africa on vacation. I liked the place so much I decided to stay – the rest, as they say, is history.

Les Blythe Digital Marketing
Philosophy and Mission

I founded Les Blythe Digital Marketing in 2011 and, with my IT background and experience, it was natural to focus the business on helping IT and tech companies market themselves effectively.

I’d noticed most marketing companies were generalists and lacked specific IT and tech skills – a big gap in the market.

My mission is straightforward.

To deliver an outstanding experience with commitment and a positive “can do” attitude that ensures I become your trusted, go-to partner.

Faultless communication, transparent reporting of results, and a genuine interest in the success of your business underpin everything I do.

I always set your expectations realistically, without hype, and never make promises I can’t keep.

A photo from my time at Amdahl (Fujitsu). This win effectively eliminated IBM from both companies. IBM “head-hunted” me shortly afterwards!

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