21 Best AI writing tools and other powerful resources 2023

Online business these days is tough and more and more people are turning to AI writing tools to level the playing field.

Whilst AI writing tools (used correctly) can definitely increase productivity when it comes to written content and copy, they are only one of the items you should make sure to include in your online marketing toolbox.

You need to capitalize on the complete range of powerful resources available to your online business – but to do so you need to know about them in the first place.

So what are the best ai tools for content writing and other tasks?

You’ll find out here in my comprehensive list of business resources, tools, and information sources.

Bonus – Getting started with your business idea

If you haven’t started your business yet, you probably need to get some inspiration to get your mind working. Here are some sources of great business ideas that will get you off to a good start.

1. The escape the 9 to 5 Project

My own contribution to providing ideas for new online businesses. In my free eBook “The 10 best ways to escape the 9 to 5 and reclaim your personal and financial freedom”  I list 10 tried and tested options for you. As a bonus, you get an invite to my free Escape the 9 to 5 webinar.

Free eBook and webinar

2. Hubspot

Here’s an article from a tried and trusted resource that contains a whole host of small business ideas to get your business and entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Visit article

3. bPlans

Here’s a link to a bPlan article that will inspire you to develop some ideas of your own. It gives a number of solid tips to help you decide which business is right for you.

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AI writing tools

There’s no doubt that AI writing tools and other AI-based resources have made a massive impact on how we do business both online and offline. In this section, we’ll start with some AI writing tools that can help boost your writing productivity significantly.

4. Content at scale

One of the best options to easily produce high monthly volumes of monthly copy at scale. Think up to 50,000 words of usable website copy per month. They also have a strategy to make sure your copy is ready for search engines and that it will pass AI copy checks. Interesting ai writing software.

Read my article

5. Jasper

Jasper is a close contender for the number one spot in the AI writing tools category, however, Content at Scale pips it for the number one position because of a more comprehensive feature set and the ease with which you can produce a high volume of useable content.

6. Copy.ai

A good AI writing tool that works well but does need you to be very precise with your inputs in order to get the most useable output. Worth a look.

7. Surfer

A good choice if you’re primarily focused on SEO. this tool helps you get the right keywords in the right places, with the right density. Be aware that Content at Scale has similar functionality already built in.

8. Copysmith

Probably the best choice if you have an eCommerce store or are thinking of starting one. Copysmith is the go-to tool for writing product descriptions that are on point and definitely has an eCommerce bias.

Copywriting courses

One of the most valuable skills you can learn is how to write copy and content well. Even if you eventually decide to outsource, knowing the basics of this critical skill is super useful to ensure your website copy, blog posts, emails, sales pages, and more are all on point.

9. 6-Step Fast-Track Copywriting

My own copywriting course, based on 10+ years of copywriting experience. My program cuts out all the unnecessary filler and fluff associated with most copywriting courses. The basics you need are delivered quickly and easily in my no-nonsense program. If you want to make a living copywriting, this is the fastest route available anywhere.

Free ebook and webinar

10. AWAI

A well-established source of copywriting courses that does seem a little outdated now in view of the changes AI copywriting software has made to the content scene. Their courses are detailed (a little too detailed I think), but could get to the point more quickly. If you enjoy the learning process, as much a getting positive results, AWAI could be right for you.

Check out my AWAI video

Other AI tools & resources

As AI continues to re-define what’s possible, more and more AI tools become available – all with the potential to make your life so much easier. Here ‘s a selection of some of the more useful resources I’ve found for you.

11. voicepen.ai

Upload an audio or video file and voicepen.ai convert it to a blog post and transcript using artificial intelligence.

12. beatoven.ai

Creates customizable royalty-free music using advanced AI music generation techniques to compose unique mood-based music to use on your video or podcast.

13. vidyo.ai

Quickly make short videos from your long ones to create social media-ready short clips – saving 90% of time and effort.

14. flair.ai

Easily create branded content using your product photos, describing the scene, and letting AI fill in the blanks.

15. illustroke.com

Create unique vector illustrations from text prompts Create something a text to SVG AI tool.

11. stockimg.ai

An AI image creation tool you can use to create book covers, wallpapers, posters, logos, stock images, illustrations and art.

Sales funnel software/business automation

Having an automated sales funnel in place is key to running your online business smoothly, and professionally. With the right sales funnel software in place you have the opportunity to maximize conversion rates and even 10x your business’s revenue. Here are some of the most popular and effective funnel builders available.

17. Kartra

A market-leading funnel builder with all the advanced features you need to run your entire business.. Features include sales and landing page templates, forms, lead capture and management, CRM, product creation and sales, checkouts, email sequences and broadcasts, funnels and campaigns, memberships, video hosting, helpdesks, calendar, surveys and quizzes, agency and affiliate options, plus API integrations.

18. Systeme.io

A favorite amongst small business owners, an inexpensive tool with many of the features you find in Kartra and also includes a free plan with enough features to get started. If you’re new to all of this, system.io is the perfect tool to handle every aspect of your business and has a clean, concise layout.

19. ClickFunnels   

Click funnels is a similar platform to Kartra but with less features. There’s a rivalry between the two as they are two of the most powerful all-in-one business management tools available. You can read in detail about ClickFunnels by reading my article linked below.

20. Lead Pages

Lead pages is one of the more affordable funnel builders on this list, most popular with small to medium sized businesses, it is especially good for growing your business since it allows you to track your performance metrics and helps you create high converting landing pages easily with their drag and drop feature. Leadpages also lets you collect payments within the platform, so you don’t have to integrate a third party +payment processor. 

21. Builderall 

Builderall, the go-to platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and has enough features to get you off the ground. Not as fully-featured as Kartra, but has the basics you need to get building funnels and capturing leads.

For a comprehensive comparison of sales funnel automation tools, see my “best of” article Best Sales Funnel Software Tools and Builders.


Q. Can AI writers replace copywriters?

A. Yes and no. Used correctly, an AI writer can eliminate a lot of the hard (drudge) work associated with producing a piece of copy or content. As it stands right now, you’ll still have to polish the output with a human touch e.g. some relevant images, check the spelling and check the facts included are accurate.

Q. Is it really necessary to include a sales funnel in my online business?

A. Absolutely yes. If you’re still in any doubt, just take a couple of minutes to run some numbers through my sales funnel ROI calculator HERE. I think you’ll be surprised!

Q. What exactly is your Escape the 9 to 5 Project?

A. I’ve worked successfully online for over 10 years now and I want to empower as many people as possible to join me. The aim of Escape the 9 to 5 Project is to provide the necessary information, tools, and resources to make escaping the rat race a reality for those who truly want to take a step towards the freedom working for yourself online delivers.