Best AI writing generator and writing assistant 2023

Les Blythe: Updated 11 Feb 2023

Whether your budget for copy and content is stretched, your current copywriter isn’t delivering the goods, or you’re just curious if there’s an AI writing generator that will work for you, you’ll find the answer right here. Using my 10+ years of experience as a professional copywriter, I’ve reviewed and rated the best options available in the marketplace.

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The basics you need to know

AI writing generation is big news and the number of tools available in the marketplace is huge and growing all the time.

Understandably with so much to choose from, deciding which AI writer is best for you can be confusing.

You can use these tools to quickly create blog posts, web pages, case studies, scripts (think YouTube and explainer videos), email sequences, eBooks, infographics, and white papers, and they’re invaluable for creating content for lead generation through inbound marketing – you need a lot of it!

In this complete guide, I cut through the hype and arm you with the essential information you need to make an informed decision, without having to spend days trawling through every single option out there.

What is an AI writing generator?

An AI writing generator is a piece of software that has been fed huge amounts of data so it can “learn” the best way to produce a piece of content using an algorithm (computation).

The learning process involved is known as Machine Learning or ML. and the more data an AI writing generator is fed, the better it becomes.

Examples include:

1, Content at Scale

2. Jasper

3. CopyAI

4. SurferSEO

5. Copysmith

What is the best AI writing generator?

I’ve given the #1 spot to Content at Scale as their AI writing generator has the potential to replace a full-time or freelance copywriter (with some human oversight).

You can also save a substantial amount of money on 50,000 words a month, which from a skilled, professional copywriter, at an industry-standard rate of $1/word, would cost in the region of $50,000.

1. Content at Scale

Best AI writing generator to supplement/replace a copywriter

What I like/dislike about Content at Scale


  • Next-level AI – designed to produce any kind of content.
  • Replaces Surfer – SEO optimization included (Surfer is reviewed below).
  • Replaces Copyscape – integrated with Copyscape to avoid accidental plagiarism (complete peace of mind).
  • Full instructions & positioning of AI – heavy emphasis on how to use their AI writing tool effectively.
  • Efficient – produce all the content you need for a full month in hours.
  • Removes bottlenecks – content production is smooth without unplanned holdups.
  • Functional – human-like content bypasses AI detection so can be used for blogs.
  • Cost saving – about 2% of the cost of standard professional copywriting rates.
  • Time-saving – no copywriters to find, interview, train, and retain – avoids copywriter “burnout”.
  • Scales – quickly and easy.
  • Quality – beats 36 out of 40 writers when tested.
  • SEO optimized – long-form content (average 2,667 words) optimized for SEO, just enter a keyword.
  • WordPress – syncs with WordPress and uses semantic keywords to produce relevant internal links automatically.
  • Options – a done-for-you service is available.


  • Can seem a bit pricey at first, but includes/replaces other standalone products like Surfer and Copyscape include in the price.
  • Best suited if you want to produce a lot of content every month.

Plans & Pricing

Your personal invite is available on the Content at Scale website, hit the button below.

content at scale application

2. Jasper

Cost-effective alternative to Content at Scale

What I like/dislike about Jasper


  • 50+ AI templates.
  • Plagiarism free, optimized for SEO
  • Has read about 10% of the Internet (10% of 2.77 Bn indexed pages).
  • Trained by marketers to write emotional, persuasive copy.
  • Bossmode writes blog posts fast.
  • Google Docs style editor.
  • Jasper chat.
  • Compose and command feature.
  • Long-form content generation option.
  • Live chat support.
  • Rated 5 stars in 3,000 reviews.
  • 50k community – good support if you’re new to all this.


  • They suggest writing a paragraph at a time instead of the whole piece.
  • Doesn’t interface with other products, you have to copy and paste.
  • Struggles to produce complicated content such as scientific papers, heavy fact-checking is needed.

Plans & Pricing

jasper ai writing assistant


Good for professionals and teams

What I like/dislike about


  • Popular all round AI writing tool.
  • Puts an end to writer’s block.
  • Extensive use cases.
  • 5,000,000+ users.
  • 90+ tools and templates.
  • Free account/7-day trial of the pro account.
  • Easy to use.
  • A range of free templates is available.
  • Community forum
  • Weekly demos.
  • Blog wizard tool.
  • 25 languages.


  • Has limitations when it comes to long-form copy.
  • Very precise input is needed for the best results.

Plans & Pricing content generator pricing

4. Surfer

Good for SEO optimization with related keywords

What I like/dislike about Surfer


  • Content planner.
  • Comprehensive SEO optimization.
  • Uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to work out the meaning and sentiment of your copy.
  • Boost your organic website traffic/improve Google rankings.
  • Use “Brief” to create outlines.
  • Has plans suitable for both freelancers and agencies.
  • Keyword surfer browser extension enhances keyword selection.
  • Surfer Academy – live training to boost your knowledge and get the most out of surfer.


  • Some features are limited in the basic plan.
  • No free trial.

Plans & Pricing

surfer seo copywriting assistant

5. Copysmith

Good for eCommerce and product descriptions

What I like/dislike about Copysmith


  • Makes writing product descriptions fast and easy.
  • Good for SEO if you have an online store.
  • Focused on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, and other online selling platforms.
  • Can re-write and freshen up old content.
  • Writes product descriptions, email subject lines, meta tags, and social media captions at scale.
  • Article builder.
  • A/B testing of campaigns across various platforms.
  • Create social media captions and images.
  • Good for team coordination and collaboration.
  • They specifically partner with BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify.
  • Integrates easily through their API.


  • Not as wide a range of functionality as some of the other options.
  • Credits expire after 12 months, so use them or lose them.

Plans & Pricing

copysmith AI software

Wrapping it up

There are no “bad” products in this review, hence all have earned scores in the 90+ range.

They all have different feature sets to help you automate company content production for inclusion in assets like your sales funnel (for example)  and I hope I’ve given some guidance on which one may be right for your needs.

There are now so many AI writing products out there that it can be confusing to choose which one is best for you.

With that said, for the vast majority of use cases, you need to look no further than the AI writing software reviewed on this page.