Work from anywhere: 10 businesses that work in 2023

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If you’d love the freedom to work from anywhere, be location independent, a digital nomad even, what’s holding you back?

The opportunities exist, and the simplest way I can put it is if I do it, why can’t you?

And yes, you can work remotely from anywhere in the world, it’s 100% doable!

I’ll give you a few suggestions in this article, and I’ll also give you a free copy of my ebook “10 BEST WAYS TO ESCAPE THE 9 TO 5 AND RECLAIM YOUR PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM” (I usually charge $9.95 for it). Hit the button below to get your copy and an invite to my special webinar:

Now let’s talk about you.

Why do you want to work from anywhere?

There are two main factors that dictate whether you’ll be able to create an independent lifestyle and work from anywhere – your “why” and your absolute determination to succeed.

Your why is critical. You need something that drives you, something that makes you do the hard stuff when you don’t feel like it, something you can refer to when you feel yourself slipping and not following your plan.

In my case, it was the absolute determination to quit the 9 to 5 rat race and get out of the corporate world once and for all.

The thought of going back to a  desk job working for a faceless company horrified me and I was absolutely determined it would NEVER happen.

So, dig into your why and make sure it’s enough to sustain you and drive you on, Write it down, focus on it, and refer back to it whenever you feel the temptation to let yourself slide.

Do you have the determination to succeed?

AKA are you prepared to put the work in?

Look, I’m not going to dress this up, carving out a niche for yourself and creating the freedom to work from anywhere takes a bit of time and effort.

Are you good with that?

If anyone tries to sell you the idea that being successful in your endeavors is going to be a piece of scale or “push button”, well I’m hoping you’ll see though THAT kind of advice.

If you are prepared, the sky really is the limit, seriously, the only thing holding you back is you.

That may well sound a little clichéd, but it happens to be true.

So, with that said, here are 10of the best work from anywhere jobs I extracted from my Escape the 9 to 5 book to get the ball rolling.

1. Become a copywriter

This is the route I chose for myself, and with some hard work and determination, it really has paid off for me. My best result was making over $18,000 in 5 weeks (see my book), and I now have a nice client base the ability to make money when I want AND I can work from anywhere. You can even use AI software to help you with inspiration these days!

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products or services for a commission. You don’t have to have your own product (or deal with inventory or difficult customers). I’ve made some decent commissions with affiliate marketing, $750 was my best for a single sale.

3. Start a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel can be a great way to generate leads for your affiliate products and much more profitable than relying on YouTube’s ad revenue which is pitiful for small to mid-level YouTubers.

4. Start a blog

A successful blog can make a lot of money which in turn enables you to work from anywhere you choose. I’m concentrating more and more on my blogging efforts these days.

5. Publish a book

If you love writing, consider publishing a book. This is DEFINITELY not for everyone, but with Kindle Direct Publishing it’s easy to get your work out there. Important: seriously think about how you can monetize your book successfully, you need to make enough to live on remember.

6. Create an online course

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This is an excellent way to make serious money if you go about it properly. I’ve created a course and already upgraded it to V2, plus it’s helping other people which I love.

7. Dropshipping physical products

I think this is still a valid option if it’s something that appeals to you. It involves getting orders for products you can buy cheaply and delivering them from the supplier to your customer directly, you don’t even touch the products yourself! Naturally, this means you can work from anywhere.

8. Print on demand

Get t-shirts, hoodies, hats, coasters, mugs (the list goes on) printed by a third party and sent to your customers directly. This is very competitive now.

9. Sell domains

Not really tried this one, but it can be fun hunting down valuable domain names that you can resell for a profit. I enjoy the process, so if it’s your kind of thing, go for it.

10. Create side gigs

I include this one just in case you’re not ready to go all in with this. Why not create a side gig to get your feet wet and earn a bit of money in the process? You can always scale as you build up your experience.

My free book and webinar

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Wrap up

There you go, my 10 ways to earn an income that enables you to work from anywhere.

I hope it helps.

Good luck on your journey.