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I may just be about to shoot myself in the foot – or help you if you’re on a budget but need content for website blogs on a large scale.

Read to the end and save $49,500.

How so?

Well, I’ve been in the copywriting game for over 10 years now and in that time I’ve written a few million words – creating content for blogs, sales and landing pages, white papers, reports, email sequences, etc. – in fact, you name the content and I’ve probably written it.

And for some big names such as IBM, Fujitsu, Xerox, and quite a few Fortune 100 companies.

I’ve built my skill set, elevated my customer base, and, naturally upped my prices.

Let’s just say, if I’m creating content for your website and you want 1,000 words, you’re looking at $1,000.

It’s been an interesting journey and not without its ups and downs!

Here’s where I shoot myself in the foot

What if there was a way to get 50x that amount of copy (50,000 words or $50,000 worth of my time) for half the price of just 1,000 words i.e. $500?

Well, now there is!

And yes, we’re talking about content for website use generated through AI, but there’s way more to it than that.

ChatGPT – NOT the solution for SEO content

ChatGPT has hit the headlines big time. I’ve played with it and it’s amazing what it can do, here’s an overview of its capabilities generated by ChatGPT itself in response to the question “Write me a list of 10 things you can use ChatGPT for”:

content for website

To be fair, some of these use cases are really helpful for things other than creating content for a website.

I used ChatGTP to generate the code for the funnel ROI calculator I included in this post:

Funnel ROI calculator example

#7. “Writing product descriptions, marketing copy, and other types of content” suggests that exploiting ChatGPT to spit out content for website use seems an obvious use case.

It’s not that straightforward…

Simply run a piece of content generated in ChatGPT through an AI detector such as and you’ll likely return a result of 90% plus AI-generated.

In other words, it’s useless content for website & blog inclusion, and downright dangerous if you try to use it for SEO.

Is it possible to fix the content produced by ChatGPT?

content for website

Look, anything’s possible, so let’s explore that option next.

You could “clean it up” here’s a typical process:

  1. Ask ChatGPT to write 500 words at a time (the approx. max it will spit out).
  2. Ask ChatGPT to “continue” 4 times to get to an approx. 2,500-word article.
  3. Copy and paste into Grammarly to optimize.
  4. Check for plagiarism in Grammarly.
  5. Fix grammar and errors one at a time in Grammarly.
  6. Get Grammarly score to 99 after a while.
  7. Go to a keyword tool like SurferSEO and add your keywords to optimize for SEO.
  8. Paste the article into and BOOM you get a result of 90% plus AI-generated content.
  9. Spend an age fixing it up so it passes AI detection.

Also, remember we’re talking about 50,000 words a month here!

Are you going to do all this work? Are you going to pay someone to do it?

It soon becomes completely impractical to develop content for website inclusion this way.

You might just as well write it from scratch.

$50,000 of ready-to-post website copy for just $500 – yes (well almost)

Just so you know, I’ve studied AI-generated copy for months now, and I’m sure my clients and students would expect nothing less of me.

The best AI content generator I’ve discovered that can produce website-ready copy you can post without risk – Content at Scale.

The straightforward process looks like this:

  • Input your list of keywords you want to rank for – that’s basically it!

Look, you’ll still have to do what you always had to do with copy from a human writer. Content at scale calls this The AIO  (Artificial Intelligence Optimization) writer’s framework to C.R.A.F.T. better content, it looks like this:

C = Cut out the fluff
R = Review, edit, optimize
A = Add images, visuals, and media
F = Fact check
T = Trust – build with a personal story, tone, links

And the outcome:

  • The tool produces long-form copy automatically at an average of 2,667 words per piece (ideal for blogs).
  • It helps you by making recommendations based on what’s already ranking.
  • It’s the only solution on the market that passes AI detection (huge).
  • It’s integrated with CopyScape – so any potential plagiarism is also taken care of.
  • BONUS: They have a plugin that works with WordPress, syncs your content, and automatically creates relevant internal links (and more).

That’s the gist of it, find out more here CONTENT AT SCALE

My final thought on creating content for website use

If you need 50,000 words of content for website copy each month (or less of course) and don’t have the budget to pay me at $1 a word, Content at Scale may well be what you’re looking for.

Maybe I did shoot myself in the foot with this post, but if I saved you forty-nine and a half grand, it was worth it.

Hope it helps.