Best Sales Funnel Software Tools and Builders 2023

Les Blythe: Updated 31 JAN 2023

Sending cold leads directly to a sales page, without an efficient sales funnel in place, burns potential customers quickly and only provides you with a single opportunity to make a conversion and a sale. In this guide, I reviewed and ranked 5 of the best sales funnel software products to help you choose the best one for you. As a bonus, I’ve included my unique Sales Funnel ROI Calculator so you can crunch the numbers and easily calculate how much extra income you might generate by using a sales funnel!

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What is sales funnel software?

The best sales funnel software does much more than just capture leads and add them to an email list. Here’s a video overview of what the best sales funnel software can do for you.

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Sales funnel software return on investment

What difference could a sales funnel make to your business in cold, hard cash terms?

If we assume your product or service sells for $100 and you get 1,000 visitors/month to your sales page, that converts at 2% (which is fairly average), then your monthly income would be $2,000 or $24,000 per annum.

Now, take a look at the ROI calculator below.

With these default values entered, your annual income jumps to $94,812 – quite a difference!

Feel free to play around with the calculator – enter your own numbers to see your potential ROI.

Sales Funnel ROI Calculator

To see your ROI without a sales funnel in place, delete any data in fields 4,5, and 7

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Other fields explained

For clarity, here’s a description of the other fields in the calculator:

Email optin rate (30% average): an indicative rate using a sales funnel with a lead magnet to capture leads to your email list.

F/U up conversion rate (20% average): a typical conversion rate from following up leads on your list captured from optins – note that this is quite conservative as is the email optin rate.

Additional income ($): the additional income you generate by having a funnel in place and marketing multiple times to leads, as opposed to them hitting your sales page once and disappearing for good! This figure calculates for you automatically.

Less funnel S/W cost ($): an average assumed sales funnel software cost per month, again adjust as you see fit.

Monthly income & Annual income: the total amounts you can expect to earn with a funnel in place – to see your figures without a funnel in place take out any figures in the “Email optin rate”, “F/U conversion rate”, and “Less funnel S/W cost” boxes.

Don’t forget your email list

With 1,000 visitors/month, you’re building an email list that increases by 300 subscribers each and every month.

Assuming each subscriber is worth at least $1 per month in ongoing sales (industry average), the value of your list would surpass the value of your non-funnel sales in just 7 months when your list reaches 2,100 subscribers!

What is the best sales funnel software?

After using all of the sales funnel builders reviewed on this page, I can say that Kartra never disappoints. It has everything you need to run your business right out of the box and (based on my own personal experience) it will save you hours of wasted time and effort trying to make loads of different software play nicely together – when it was never designed to do so in the first place.

1. Kartra

Best overall sales funnel software

Run your entire online business without fuss

If you’re looking for a tool that offers everything you need to run a business online, Kartra has you covered. 

Kartra is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs promoting a product or service since it combines 10+ different software tools in 1. Kartra boasts a variety of features including email marketing, affiliate management, video hosting, funnel builder, and more (full feature list below).

I use Kartra in my own business and would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for the fullest possible functionality from their sales funnel software.

Key features

What I like/dislike about Kartra


  • Page templates – never have to create a marketing or sales page from scratch, simply use one of the provided templates (proven to convert) and be up and running in minutes.
  • Forms – create beautiful lead capture forms to include on your sales pages, squeeze pages, website pages, or wherever you want to encourage visitors to supply their email addresses and any other information you might need.
  • Leads – after capturing your leads, manage them efficiently by grouping them into lists. You can tag leads and set up automations (if they do x, do y with them).
  • Email – send email sequences, one-off broadcasts, and even newsletters.
  • Products – sell a product of your own or an affiliate product for a commission.
  • Checkouts – create fully featured checkouts to sell your products and link payments to your favorite provider.
  • Funnels and campaigns – the fully featured funnel builder makes creating sales funnels (e.g. lead capture page, one-time-offer page, thank you page) a breeze.
  • Memberships – create a fully-featured membership site and charge for different membership levels.
  • Videos – host videos and include them on your pages with annoying YouTube restrictions.
  • Help desks – give professional support to your customers via a fully integrated helpdesk (no additional software required).
  • Calendar – keep yourself organized, your contacts can book a slot on your calendar.
  • Surveys and quizzes – engage your audience and collect their input and opinions.
  • Agencies – once familiar with Kartra, you may want to become an agency and offer its host of features to clients of your own, manage it all in one place.
  • Affiliates – let others sell your products for a commission, all managed beautifully in Kartra.
  • Integrations an API – easily integrates and works with other programs.


  • Can seem a bit pricey at first, but once you start to run your business with it you immediately see the value.
  • Kartra is very “step-by-step” which is great when you’re just learning it. Slows you down a little when you’re familiar, but DOES stop you from making silly errors.

Plans & Pricing

Kartra plans and pricing


Best on a budget

Run your online business on a budget

Compared to its competitors such as Kajabi (for example) which costs between $199 – $319, has an ENTIRELY free plan with their unlimited plan at ONLY $97 for doing the same thing. Since it’s risk-free to try, I’d give it a go if you’re on a budget.

This is what Aurelian, the founder of, has to say about his sales funnel product:

“When ClickFunnnels started back in 2014, I immediately tried it out.

It was good, but still needed many complicated integrations which would cost more and suck money out of my business

I thought it must be possible to offer the same (or an even better) tool for cheaper.

I decided it was time that software designed for online entrepreneurs should be made by online entrepreneurs

It took 2 difficult years but then (pronounced “system”) was born.”

Key features

  • Sales funnel
  • Email marketing 
  • Website builder
  • Affiliate program 
  • Business automation 
  • Evergreen webinars
  • Online courses
  • Blogging 
  • Sell products 

What I like/dislike about


  • You can send out unlimited emails COMPLETELY for free 
  • Easy to navigate for noobs who are just getting started with funnel builders 
  • The pre-built funnel pages are specially designed to increase conversions and help you sell more products with fewer efforts
  • Fully automated email marketing 
  • Program that integrates analytics
  • Assists in growing your audience  
  • Automates your tasks 
  • It’s very easy to create landing pages and squeeze pages


  • Your program may not be able to be customized to your exact specifications due to its limited design flexibility
  • It doesn’t offer third-party intergrations 
  • It doesn’t have live customer support

Plans & Pricing pricing table

3. Clickfunnels

More of a dedicated funnel builder

You get what you pay for

ClickFunnels offers 3 monthly plans Basic, Pro, and Funnel hacker. With high-quality software comes a high-quality price tag. In comparison to other platforms that do the same, clickfunnels is a bit pricey but when you look at it from a different perspective you’ll see why it’s so expensive 

The majority of funnel building platforms out there are designed to do one thing: build funnels with pretty landing pages and you have to do the rest yourself.

Clickfunnels, however, was designed to not only help create pretty landing pages but also help you convert and bring in sales, and that comes at a price.

With the annual discount, the Basic plan costs $127/month, saving you up to $240 if billed annually. The features are very extensive and will allow you to fully run a business with unlimited email sequences, pages, and products.

If you’re interested in creating a course, Clickfunnels lets you run 3 courses with up to 1000 students. This plan is designed for entrepreneurs managing their business by themselves.

The Pro plan is priced at $197/month and $157/month with a $480 discount if billed annually. This plan is generally for businesses that are a little bigger and require less limited features, also for people who have multiple domains.

This plan has more features such as an Affiliate program, API access, and more.

The final plan, Funnel hacker, costs $297/month, the annual plan being $208/month saving you $3,468 if billed annually, this includes an advanced analytics feature plus you can create an unlimited amount of funnels and up to 200 courses with 20,000 students.

Key features

  • Sales funnels
  • CRM 
  • Email marketing
  • A/B testing 
  • Landing pages 
  • Websites blogs
  • Analytics 
  • Online courses
  • membership sites
  • Clickfunnels editor
  • Clickfunnels center 
  • Ecommerce store
  • Global products 
  • Workflows
  • Shopping cart (coming soon at time of writing)

What I like/dislike about ClickFunnels


  • Clickfunnels makes it easier to scale your business 
  • Small learning curve
  • There’s a WordPress plugin 
  • Automation and integration with many popular platforms 
  • Webpage builder is simple to use 
  • A/B testing 
  • Drag and drop
  • Identifying weak points with easy data tracking
  • Sales and conversion reporting


  • Slightly overpriced 
  • When you duplicate a funnel, you have to enter all product details again
  • Poor affiliate analytics tracking for ClickFunnels affiliates

Plans & Pricing

clickfunnels pricing guide

4. Leadpages

Good for small businesses getting started

Reasonable value, platform looks dated

Leadpages is a popular platform and quite affordable. They make it easy to combine lead generation and sales on a single platform, allowing you to collect payments within the software itself. Leadpages lives up to its sales and marketing promises and delivers reasonable value for the price.

The Standard plan costs $99/month but if you decide to pay annually it’ll only be $74/month. This plan gives you 1 site with an unlimited amount of traffic and leads. For smaller businesses, this plan would be best.

The Pro plan has a couple of extra features such as online sales and payments and unlimited A/B split testing, you can have 3 sites and receive priority customer support. Medium-sized businesses would benefit most from this plan. 

Last but not least comes the Advanced plan which gives you a master account with 5 client accounts, plus all the pro plan features and advanced integrations. To find out more about this plan you’ll have to contact them. 

Generally, the platform looks a little dated compared to its competitors.

Key features

  • Sales funnels
  • CRM 
  • Email marketing
  • A/B testing 
  • Landing pages 
  • Pop-ups
  • Alert bars
  • Unlimited traffic and leads
  • 40+ standard integrations
  • Online sales/payment
  • Unlimited A/B split testing

What I like/dislike about Leadpages


  • You can design landing pages quickly 
  • Excellent technical support 
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Facebook training group
  • Lead capture can be automated with the use of automation tools
  • Affordable 
  • High conversion filter templates 
  • Unlimited traffic 


  • You can’t integrate a website through a subdomain
  • Product looks dated

Plans & Pricing

leadpages pricing table

5. Builderall

Built with entrepreneurs in mind

Can be expensive to get started

Builderall has four plans to choose from Cheetah, Marketer, Premium, and Funnel club.

Cheetah and Marketer are quite similar, although Marketer is for a slightly bigger business as it has 3 domains with 5 subdomains while Cheetah only has 1 domain with 3 subdomains. 

Cheetah offers 2,000 subscribers and 2GB disk space, so if you’re gonna need more than that then I suggest you go for Marketer instead where you can have an unlimited amount of subscribers and 5GB disk space. 

However, these two plans only get 29 out of 61 tools and features.

The Premium and Funnel club plans are basically the same. You get 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, and subscribers, 10GB of disk space plus all the tools and templates.

The difference between the two is with the Funnel club plan your first payment is $199, and then after that you continue paying $87,90 every month. The reason is that you get a whole bunch of ready-made funnels that just require you to fill in your own details.

Key features

  • Cheetah builder 
  • Cheetah for WordPress
  • Cheetah eCommerce
  • WordPress pro and woocommerce 
  • Mailboss
  • Professional email 
  • Whatsapp automation tool
  • Whatsapp launch manager 
  • Sms
  • builder all marketplace 
  • Super checkout
  • CRM
  • Social proof
  • Worckie 
  • Quiz builder 
  • Helpdesk builderall 
  • Website chatbox 
  • Website chat builder
  • Messenger chatbot 
  • Private chat 
  • Virtual assistant 
  • Webinar builder 
  • Builderall directories 
  • Agency system bulderall websites
  • E-learning tool with visual editor 
  • Magazine builder 
  • Launch tool 
  • Funnel builder 
  • Browse notifications 
  • Message funnels for telegram 
  • Builderall video hosting 
  • Video funnels 
  • Mockup studio 
  • 3D photo editor studio
  • Sharelock
  • Booking app 
  • Posting schedule 
  • Messenger/instagram chatbot
  • Click map
  • Delivery

What I like/dislike about Builderall


  • Over 60 tools and features
  • With builderall you won’t need additional tools to run a successful business
  • There are tutorials next to the tools to make it easier to use
  • Excellent pre-made funnels
  • WordPress integration
  • Script generator copywriting tool
  • Affordable alternative to Clickfunnels and Kartra
  • You can give virtual assistants access to do your work for you 


  • You might not have any use for a lot of the features
  • They focus on adding tools rather than improving the ones they already have 
  • Steep learning curve
  • It’s still expensive if you’re just starting out

Plans & Pricing

builderall pricing table

Wrap-up & conclusion

There you go, some of the very best sales funnel software products available in the marketplace, reviewed and rated from my personal experience..

I hope you enjoyed my bonus Return on Investment calculator and that it helped you get a handle on what difference a sales funnel could potentially make to your business. Of course, I don’t give financial advice and my calculator is for entertainment purposes only.

Good luck with finding your ideal funnel software.