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What we’re all about

Hi, I’m Les Blythe, and I head up our digital marketing team. I have over 20 years of IT experience and have worked for IBM, Fujitsu and Xerox in the UK as well as running my own IT company.

My team of professional marketing consultants, project managers and I have expertise in key areas of online marketing, specifically lead generation,  SEO, content-based inbound marketing and email outreach. I’m HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified.

I truly understand your frustration with cheap, ineffective digital marketing that promises the world and delivers little. The latest trick or loophole is not what you should base a marketing campaign on, not if you’re looking for real, measurable long-term results.

Our methodologies are cutting-edge, effective and measurable in real-time. Moreover, we’ll set your expectations realistically and without hype – we never make promises we can’t keep!