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It’s simple…

Effective marketing helps you make intimate connections with your audience by delivering what they care about most.

In a world full of marketing noise you need to stand out from the crowd. It’s no longer a volume game, it’s about making meaningful connections.

This is how savvy businesses create big wins.

A predictable stream of leads, customers and consistent growth are the inevitable consequences of getting it right

SOM™ helps you get it right

Marketing your business effectively shouldn’t be all smoke and mirrors, your life is complicated enough. While it’s true the detailed actions needed to get it right require considerable expertise, the high-level concept is straightforward enough.

 To help you focus on the bigger picture, we’ve broken the whole process down into three steps we call SOM ™

1) Scrutinize

Before you think about marketing online, you should thoroughly analyze your website. Ever wonder why your competitors appear higher than you in Google, close more deals and perform better? They have a website that works.

You can’t get the results you want if you market with a broken website – one that’s badly written, difficult to navigate and doesn’t convert visitors into leads and customers (find out more)

2) Optimize

Once you uncover critical improvements for your website you need to fix it. Words that engage your audience, an easy to follow website structure, landing pages that convert and more – all elements of a website that makes sense to visitors and works.

3) Monetize

Now it’s time to market. Email outreach, LinkedIn (recommended for business) or Facebook – you choose. Bringing interested prospects to a website that works means more leads and customers.



Can’t recommend highly enough – the quality of work is fantastic and so easy to work with.

Graham Cooper BSc. Econ – ACMA, CEO Quantum Strategic Excellence

Les was perfect to work with. He was creative, quick-witted, easy to communicate with and paid attention to detail.

I strongly recommend him.

Beryl Bucher, CEO Clinical Metrics, US

Again, many thanks to Les.

Hard to describe just how pleased I am with his services!

Michael Devitt MSc, Director Faction Health and Safety Group

Les is highly competent and certainly knows his stuff.

Liam Barlow, Head of Customer Services Sequential Networks

Les was simply awesome in every way. Would definitely ask Les to help [again] if he is available.

Highly recommended.

Antonie Henning, Managing Director Wanos Networks
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