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Website Content Analysis

Here’s the thing…

You probably use Email outreach, LinkedIn, Facebook, SEO (search engine optimization) or a combination of these and other resources to market your product or service.

And, that’s great. It’s where most savvy businesses are spending their marketing dollar these days.

But there’s a problem

The visitors coming to your website are just not converting into leads and sales.

Plus, you could sure use more prospects from the search engines, Google in particular, because the volume you’re getting is pretty dismal.

Your website even looks great – but it just doesn’t seem to be working that well.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it does, it’s likely there’s a real opportunity to increase your website traffic, get more conversions and increase sales.

Marketing made simple

comprehensive strategic appraisal of your websiteA.O.M. ™ is my 3-step approach to successful digital online marketing. It stands for Analyze, Optimize, Monetize.

Marketing online isn’t that complicated, and I believe it shouldn’t be. At a high level, A.O.M. ™ makes perfect sense.

Of course, the steps required for successful implementation involve considerable expertise, but that’s not for you to worry about.

Your time is better spent in your business, right?

What my website content analysis delivers

My website content analysis process involves a comprehensive, strategic appraisal of your website.

Specifically, I’m looking for opportunities to increase visitor numbers, drive sales and help you reach your marketing goals.

To achieve this, I closely analyze:

  • How your content reads
  • How clear it is
  • How it guides visitors through the sales process (flow)
  • Where you need to fix content
  • How clearly your message is delivered
  • Your website’s usability
  • Design concepts that may have scope for improvement
  • How your content drives action
  • How you’re positioned to drive visitors from search engines
  • What you need to do to beat your competition
  • The effectiveness of your site’s SEO
  • What improvements can be made to your site’s SEO
  • Where you can improve sales conversion rates

In other words,


The bottom line…

You receive a cohesive, actionable review of how your website content performs across the pages of your website – with all the opportunities for improvement clearly highlighted.

And, that may be just the boost you need to take your marketing success to the next level.

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