We’re all on Java 8

The really cool thing about hybris is that the platform incorporates all major technology upgrades soon after they become available. This means you immediately have the chance to work with newest versions of languages and libraries such as Java, Spring etc. Recently, all our projects were upgraded to hybris version 5.6 and as a result we [...]


5 Reasons That Make Colocation a Smart Choice for Your Enterprise Computing Strategy

A typical colocation involves a third party (colo) providing a physical building, power, cooling facilities and adequate bandwidth for your computing needs while you provide the necessary hardware such as servers and storage. Colo’s can also offer certain managed services in support of your particular needs. That’s the basic, high level view of the arrangement. [...]


Revealed: 5 Commercial Imperatives for Your Journey to the Cloud via Colocation

Commercial Imperatives for Your Journey to the Cloud The colocation marketplace is undergoing substantial growth with no sign of letting up any time soon. Constrained IT budgets and the financial infeasibility of running an in-house data center are both adding fuel to the colocation fire. The opportunity to access state of the art facilities, [...]