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Project Description

technical copywriterIn today’s value driven medical environment the ability of the insideoutcomes software solution to provide accurate, actionable data through patient reported outcomes is more critical than ever before.”

Insideoutcomes delivers exceptional value to providers by putting affordable patient reported outcomes at the fingertips of medical professionals everywhere.


We’re Delighted to be athenahealth’s Newest Marketplace Partner

Insideoutcomes provides online software services to medical professionals. Our software services enable users to track and report on patient reported outcomes (PRO’s).

Our cost-effective software solution uses a range of industry standard questionnaires that patients complete. At the moment we have in excess of 35 questionnaires in the system and this number is continually growing.

We use these questionnaires, in conjunction with our powerful reporting tools, to support evidence based medicine that precisely matches the needs of today’s value driven environment.

Insidoutcomes’ software as a service solution (SaaS) was specifically developed to address 3 key problem areas that medical professionals grapple with on a daily basis:

  • Decreasing Reimbursement – meaning lower revenues for providers and less time and attention being available for patients as a result.
  • Increasing Compliance Demands – resulting in more bureaucracy and the very real danger of non-compliance.

And the area we believe to be most significant of all:

  • A Lack of Quality Measurement – creating an absence of accurate, actionable information which in turn negatively impacts effective doctor patient communication and reliable measurement of improvements in medical care.

Insideoutcomes is the only company to offer a fully integrated white-label solution for EHR software providers like athenahealth.

“Insideoutcomes proudly partners with athenahealth to provide objective metrics that empower providers to measure excellence, gauge the effectiveness of quality improvement programs and prove value to colleagues, partners and payers.”


The marketplace for clinical metrics software such as insideoutcomes is substantial and growing.

Currently, insideoutcomes is strategically focused on musculo-skeletal physicians such as orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists. There are approximately 700,000 i doctors in the United States of which about 28,000 ii are orthopaedic surgeons and 15,000 iii podiatrists.

That said, there are questionnaires available in almost every medical field and we’re continually adding to and enhancing the insideoutcomes solution by building them in over time.


The insideoutcomes software solution has a suite of powerful reporting tools that empower providers to prove value to payers, help insure compliance and accurately measure improvements in care.

In fact, the insideoutcomes solution goes even further than this. Our software also helps users identify opportunity for improvement, increase their referrals and wow their referring providers!

These, and other substantial benefits provided by the insideoutcomes solution, make our software a valuable weapon for providers in the war against being swamped by an ever-increasing workload and the imperative of avoiding compliance issues.


Using well documented and researched questionnaires, that are recognized worldwide, it’s possible to survey patients and measure indicators of improvement in a patient’s condition.

For example, medical professionals can determine a patient’s Minimum Clinically Important Difference (MCDI) which represents scores that reflect changes in a clinical intervention that are meaningful for the patient.

Based on well-defined metrics, we know how much a patient’s score should change from initial evaluation to discharge and therefore we’re able to judge the effectiveness (or otherwise) of a specific treatment.


The demand for clinical metrics software has never been stronger than it is right now – the time is exactly right for the insideoutcomes solution.

In today’s value driven medical environment any tool that helps medical professionals improve quality of care and efficiency is in high demand, and insideoutcomes caters precisely for this demand.

The powerful reporting functionality built into the insideoutcomes solution is both flexible and, most importantly of all, actionable. This means that the data provided can be used to analyze quality, prove value and drive improvements.


The athenahealth suite of services and insideoutcomes software solution have a natural affinity for each other and dovetail beautifully to provide a powerful, value-added solution in the EHR space.

Athenahealth is committed to “letting doctors be doctors” and this is a philosophy that insideoutcomes understands and agrees with wholeheartedly.

Working together, as marketplace partners, we believe athenahealth and insideoutcomes can provide an unbeatable EHR solution that has never been more in demand than it is right now.

In partnership, we can strive to “let doctors be doctors” by providing a powerful, seamlessly integrated solution that makes their lives easier and allows them to concentrate more on patient centric tasks.

As Aristotle famously put it “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


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NOTE FOR PORTFOLIO: insideoutcomes and athenahealth deliberately spelled with a lower case first letter in keeping with company branding.