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Concise about us page

About Us

At PokeCircle we’re focused on a truly social vision.

When we saw the huge impact Pokemon Go had on our families, friends, and neighbors with its July 2016 launch, we took notice.

We believe Pokemon Go paves the way to build renewed social interaction; something that has steadily declined in today’s fast moving world.

Participation in Pokemon Go once again saw parents interacting with their kids and driving them to different locations in the hope of catching digital monsters. People from all walks of life engaged with the game as a community.

Witnessing this ignited our imagination, and PokeCircle was born.

We’d love you, your family and friends to join us in making our social vision a reality.

Scrum rules the world

scrum rules the world

SCRUM rules the world, the developer’s world.

Most software development teams we come across during job interviews work within an agile development methodology and, in the main, that methodology is SCRUM. That’s how it would appear at first glance in any case, but if you drill down you soon discover that the methodology used is not really SCRUM at all. If you consider what Scrum Alliance defines, for example, you’ll discover that some absolutely key elements of the SCRUM process are not employed, such as the right roles, the team concept, responsibilities, meetings etc.

So, how do you know if you’re really working in SCRUM? The SCRUM methodology is a framework and can, and should, be adapted to your particular project’s needs. Naturally, SCRUM may vary to some degree depending on the organization, the team, the project and the technologies employed. But, there are a few cornerstones of the framework that are unalterable, and those are related more to a way of thinking than to particular aspects of organization.

Consider the following simple questions:

  1. Is the work structured in increments of a regular size which are based on time rather than on scope? (sprint).
  2. Is each sprint planned with sufficient detail and is it clear to each team member what will be the result of the work?
  3. Does the team have full control over the ability to deliver planned tasks?
  4. Who is estimating the effort required to complete each task?
  5. Does the work in a sprint get interrupted by “very important” tasks? How does this affect the planned sprint?

As you’ve probably noticed, in this short list there’s nothing about meetings, daily scrums, planning or review as those are actually part of the SCRUM methodology. Some teams do get these few isolated aspects of the methodology right. However, the process can’t actually be called SCRUM as it’s sorely lacking the right mindset to employ SCRUM fully and effectively (the exception being retrospective perhaps).

However, what is often badly missing is the shift of responsibility from managers to the development team and, related to this, the central role of team commitment in the process. In my view, there cannot be a SCRUM without team responsibility, and to make it fair, without the team’s full control over the ability to deliver at the end of the sprint.

Obviously, there are many factors that can affect the team’s ability to deliver and thus the team’s commitment. Requirements might be unclear at the time of planning or could change during sprint. Dependencies on other parties might hinder starting work on a task. Sometimes it’s not even possible to estimate a task due to a lack of knowledge in a particular area.

Therefore, it requires the constant work of all involved parties, including the team, the SCRUM master and management, as well as the customer to create the right environment.

Get to know insideoutcomes

medical SaaS copy

In today’s value driven medical environment the ability of the insideoutcomes software solution to provide accurate, actionable data through patient reported outcomes is more critical than ever before.”

Insideoutcomes delivers exceptional value to providers by putting affordable patient reported outcomes at the fingertips of medical professionals everywhere.


We’re Delighted to be athenahealth’s Newest Marketplace Partner

Insideoutcomes provides online software services to medical professionals. Our software services enable users to track and report on patient reported outcomes (PRO’s).

Our cost-effective software solution uses a range of industry standard questionnaires that patients complete. At the moment we have in excess of 35 questionnaires in the system and this number is continually growing.

We use these questionnaires, in conjunction with our powerful reporting tools, to support evidence based medicine that precisely matches the needs of today’s value driven environment.

Insidoutcomes’ software as a service solution (SaaS) was specifically developed to address 3 key problem areas that medical professionals grapple with on a daily basis:

  • Decreasing Reimbursement – meaning lower revenues for providers and less time and attention being available for patients as a result.
  • Increasing Compliance Demands – resulting in more bureaucracy and the very real danger of non-compliance.

And the area we believe to be most significant of all:

  • A Lack of Quality Measurement – creating an absence of accurate, actionable information which in turn negatively impacts effective doctor patient communication and reliable measurement of improvements in medical care.

Insideoutcomes is the only company to offer a fully integrated white-label solution for EHR software providers like athenahealth.

“Insideoutcomes proudly partners with athenahealth to provide objective metrics that empower providers to measure excellence, gauge the effectiveness of quality improvement programs and prove value to colleagues, partners and payers.”


The marketplace for clinical metrics software such as insideoutcomes is substantial and growing.

Currently, insideoutcomes is strategically focused on musculo-skeletal physicians such as orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists. There are approximately 700,000 i doctors in the United States of which about 28,000 ii are orthopaedic surgeons and 15,000 iii podiatrists.

That said, there are questionnaires available in almost every medical field and we’re continually adding to and enhancing the insideoutcomes solution by building them in over time.


The insideoutcomes software solution has a suite of powerful reporting tools that empower providers to prove value to payers, help insure compliance and accurately measure improvements in care.

In fact, the insideoutcomes solution goes even further than this. Our software also helps users identify opportunity for improvement, increase their referrals and wow their referring providers!

These, and other substantial benefits provided by the insideoutcomes solution, make our software a valuable weapon for providers in the war against being swamped by an ever-increasing workload and the imperative of avoiding compliance issues.


Using well documented and researched questionnaires, that are recognized worldwide, it’s possible to survey patients and measure indicators of improvement in a patient’s condition.

For example, medical professionals can determine a patient’s Minimum Clinically Important Difference (MCDI) which represents scores that reflect changes in a clinical intervention that are meaningful for the patient.

Based on well-defined metrics, we know how much a patient’s score should change from initial evaluation to discharge and therefore we’re able to judge the effectiveness (or otherwise) of a specific treatment.


The demand for clinical metrics software has never been stronger than it is right now – the time is exactly right for the insideoutcomes solution.

In today’s value driven medical environment any tool that helps medical professionals improve quality of care and efficiency is in high demand, and insideoutcomes caters precisely for this demand.

The powerful reporting functionality built into the insideoutcomes solution is both flexible and, most importantly of all, actionable. This means that the data provided can be used to analyze quality, prove value and drive improvements.


The athenahealth suite of services and insideoutcomes software solution have a natural affinity for each other and dovetail beautifully to provide a powerful, value-added solution in the EHR space.

Athenahealth is committed to “letting doctors be doctors” and this is a philosophy that insideoutcomes understands and agrees with wholeheartedly.

Working together, as marketplace partners, we believe athenahealth and insideoutcomes can provide an unbeatable EHR solution that has never been more in demand than it is right now.

In partnership, we can strive to “let doctors be doctors” by providing a powerful, seamlessly integrated solution that makes their lives easier and allows them to concentrate more on patient centric tasks.

As Aristotle famously put it “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


i United States Department of Labor.  Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Occupational Outlook Handbook. Available at: Accessed January 25, 2016.

ii American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Orthopaedic Surgeons Quick Facts. 2014. Available at:   Accessed January 25, 2016.

iii American Podiatric Medical Association.  FAQ About Today’s Podiatrists.  Available at:  Accessed January 25, 2016.

NOTE FOR PORTFOLIO: insideoutcomes and athenahealth deliberately spelled with a lower case first letter in keeping with company branding.

We’re all on Java 8


The really cool thing about hybris is that the platform incorporates all major technology upgrades soon after they become available. This means you immediately have the chance to work with newest versions of languages and libraries such as Java, Spring etc. Recently, all our projects were upgraded to hybris version 5.6 and as a result we can now take advantage of Java 8.

Now, this opens up a whole host of new possibilities. Java 8 introduces a few fancy features that have been long awaited and well established in other languages. Features we believe you won’t want to live without once you’ve introduced them into your programming style.

A short list of these features can be found here:

Naturally, although this is the new standard, we still need to be cautious about how we use the additional features available in Java 8. They have to fit into our architectural guidelines and retain or improve the quality of our code’s maintainability and testability. After all, we know from past experience that some of these new standards have not made it into the mainstream, despite the support of Sun/Oracle; for example, java logging in JDK 1.4. Other features are of great value but can be radically misused if applied incorrectly.

So, we have started evaluating selected new elements of Java 8 in order to gather some hands-on experience with real commercial projects. The idea is to analyse the new features and have an internal discussion about how effective they are. We then want to come up with a set of guidelines as to what’s great, what’s cool or useful and what’s a no-go.

We’re very excited to be starting this exercise. To begin with, please take a look at the following Java 8 code:

IntStream.range(1, 10)

.map(item -> item – item)

.map(item -> item * 3)



.map(item -> item.toString())


Yes, it is Java :). It’s not Ruby, Python or anything else. What this means is that we can now use a few key features of modern programming languages that were previously unavailable in Java.

  1. Lambda expressions and Functional interface (
  2. Method references (
  3. Enhanced collection APIs (

It all looks very promising and will certainly change the way we write code in the future. That said, there are certain caveats associated with these techniques, some of which we have discovered already and others that will become apparent in the future.

For instance, the above code is in conflict with our coding style which would not normally allow long chained statements. We have always had rules that make sense when it comes to code readability, and some static code analysis tools like PMD enforce those rules by raising alarms. This remains a positive and we will simply have to adapt these rules to the new concepts we are presented with.

However, for the optimal use of streams, these chained statements are essential. Methods should be passing (streaming) data to other methods while processing. Splitting the above into several lines would result in different behaviour in terms of memory usage.

This means, we’ll need to adjust the code style and reconfigure the tools – but we think it’s worth it.

So, we’re all now on Java 8, but we’re just beginning our hands-on research. We’ll be producing regular, information-packed updates on our progress and discussing the pros and cons of implementing the new features of Java 8 in real-world, commercial projects.

Stay tuned for more updates based on our experiences – coming your way shortly.

Tips for medical device start-ups and the software-related pitfalls to avoid

medical device startups


Medical device start-ups, particularly those whose product is software-enabled, face many challenges in the journey from initial startup, through the development process, to launch and beyond.

This article discusses some of the real software-related issues medical device companies have to address in order to navigate the process successfully.

The content for this article derives from interviews conducted with an actual medical instrument start-up, and therefore intended to be informative, actionable and of tangible benefit to any similar company at the startup stage.

There are numerous pitfalls you definitely want to avoid at the inception and early developmental stages of your business. After reading this article, you’ll have an invaluable insight into the actual experiences of a medical instrument and software development start-up that has already navigated the route you may be contemplating.

Armed with this knowledge, you will be in a better position to avoid some of the mistakes made by a typical start-up, saving you time, money and wasted effort in the process.

Let’s begin by looking at the background of the company we interviewed.


At the time of our interview, the company had actually been going for about 10 years.

The business started with a Chinese Research Cardiologist who had access to a large patient database, including final outcome data and a lot of AKG data. The Chinese government had already done some research using single processing, to see if they could predict disease state while patients were still sub-clinical or asymptomatic and unaware that they were sick.

Time and investment money were spent over a period of about eight years, technology was developed and several prototypes built. Despite this, the technology was never successfully productized. Early prototypes all had issues with either the hardware or software component and eventually investment funding ran out. Understandably, investors were frustrated after eight years of not having a deliverable product.

It was at this stage a new management team stepped in, and we pick up the story.

Clinical Data, Investors and the FDA

Medical device companies can often find it difficult to get any level of institutional investment without solid clinical data.

In the case of our company, theirs was a diagnostic device as opposed to a therapeutic product. This is an important distinction as you don’t need clinical data for a device that is classed as diagnostic.

If, on the other hand, you’re producing a therapeutic device you really need to show its efficacy and back this up with solid clinical data. The data has to be submitted to the FDA in the first instance, but it is also important in supporting any bid for investment capital.

Basically, if a device is efficiency and economics driven, clinical data is not required.

In fact, our company had some clinical data available, but all of it was run by the research cardiologist involved at the outset. Should they have been required to submit clinical data, this would have been far from ideal. There would always be the suspicion that the data may have been scrubbed or the trial designed to give favorable looking results.

It was clearly best practice to use an independent clinical researcher as that was exactly what institutional investors consider important when a pitch for funding is made. In the case of the company interviewed, they were fortunate to have enough private investors in any case; investors who believed in the technology enough so that institutional money wasn’t required early on.

That is not always the case, of course, so it is necessary to keep the need for properly conducted, independent clinical research data firmly front of mind, should it be required.

Cybersecurity company


The Company

We are an award-winning network security solutions provider with a truly global reach achieved through our UK base and a worldwide network of channel partners. The company has an exceptional track record of providing risk-based authentication solutions that facilitate secure business across the internet.

We are proud to offer the only authentication technology accredited for Microsoft Office365 Dedicated that delivers primary support for a tokenless environment.

Our world class authentication platform, underpinned by PINsafe, the company’s patented technology, was launched in 2000 and is currently deployed by blue chip companies, public sector clients and SME’s in 35 countries around the globe to secure VPN, desktops, web and cloud-based applications. Our authentication platform is a formidable product with a number of significant USPs that trump the competition. This is evidenced by 60% of UK sales being as a result of displacing competitive products.

Adaptive, Flexible, Scalable, Simple

Adaptive, Flexible, Scalable, Simple” succinctly describes our thinking in developing the world-class Aspire authentication platform. An authentication platform that is uniquely flexible by design and enables our customers to work more effectively – anywhere, anytime.

We provide authentication solutions tailored exactly to the specific needs of organizations today and, most importantly, solutions that allow the flexibility to scale network and application security to meet constantly evolving requirements in the future.

ADAPTIVE – We never take a “one size fits all approach” and have a choice of authentication solutions that can be tailored to specific business needs and budgets, all under a single license.

FLEXIBLE – We tailor our customers’ authentication solution around specific user’s needs thereby providing a wide choice of options to suit individual security policies. Our platform offers the widest choice of two-factor authentication options available on the market today.

SCALABLE – We understand the critical importance of scalability in enterprise-wide security applications and our Aspire authentication platform scales seamlessly to cater for future growth.

SIMPLE – The simplicity of the Aspire authentication platform means that users no longer need to remember the authentication details of differing online providers such as Google Docs and PayPal. Authentication is taken care of seamlessly through our single Aspire authentication platform.

It doesn’t get any simpler than “one-touch” and that’s exactly what we provide with One Touch authentication via our mobile app and telephony authentication applications.

Sales Page/ Video Script – Online Marketing

Congratulations, you’ve Finally Uncovered That Elusive Money-making Success System You’ve Been Searching For!

Mark today in your calendar because it’s a day you’ll want to remember for a long time to come.

“Why so?” you ask.

Well, if you’re like most of the struggling online marketers I talk to every day, you’ve most likely experienced a few road blocks along the way.

These road blocks can frustrate you and waste your time and hard earned money.

Even worse, they can leave you feeling lost, angry or just plain confused.

You see that’s exactly where I was, completely lost, broke and yes, frustrated with this whole making money online thing.

I ALMOST gave up BUT like you’ve done today – I stumbled across a page just like this one and it all began to change for me.

And that’s exactly what I want for YOU too!


Believe me when I say that I’ve been precisely where you are right now.

Be honest, does any of the following feel painfully familiar to you?

You feel like you’ve tried every business opportunity out there with no luck and no success.

You’ve wasted a ton of money buying every online opportunity you can (or can’t) afford only to find they just don’t work for you.

You can’t understand how others are making it big online but you can’t seem to get it right.

You’re disillusioned, confused and frustrated.

You’ve considered giving up trying to make money online.

I have to come clean here and tell you – they all pretty much applied to me.

So, just like you feel right now, I was completely lost and didn’t have a clue what to do next.

Then something happened that turned my life around and I realized the truth of the old saying “the darkest hour is just before dawn”.

My own personal “dawn” was just around the corner…

And I didn’t even realize it at the time!

That’s what I want to share with you today – a clear pathway to success that precisely mirrors my own route out of total online frustration and hopelessness.

Press release – total car diagnostics – TOAD


Total Car Diagnostics proudly announces an immediate promotional drive on their award-winning TOAD (TOTAL OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics) package that empowers the ordinary motorist to take back control of their car’s performance, efficiency, and running costs.

Total Car Diagnostics provides an easy to use software tool that allows users to fine tune their car’s performance without having to pay extortionate prices to professional mechanics. In fact, the tool is so effective that even mechanics choose to use it in preference to more expensive and complicated products. That says something positive about the usability of this pro diagnostic package.

This is game-changing technology, as seen in Motor Magazine and CBS Television’s Crank it Up – beware imitations and scams. The product produces real results as evidenced by the many positive reviews from happy users who are currently benefitting from the Total Car Diagnostics package. Some of the results reported by clients have been truly extraordinary, with major decreases in fuel consumption and increased performance being consistently reported. As one user put it:

“I had a different tuner previously, but it didn’t give me this much gas saving. My miles per gallon went up dramatically and it gave great horsepower. I have cut my gas bill in half.”

Now, while it’s true to say that every user shouldn’t expect to cut their gas bill in half, this kind of testimonial does give a good idea of the potential cost savings to be had from the Total Car Diagnostics product. Another satisfied user was quoted as saying:

“On the Diablo Tune, my truck turned into a fire breathing beast. Would recommend highly to anyone considering a tuner.”

Additional benefits of using this pro software include the user being certain that their engine is delivering peak performance always, as well as ensuring optimum fuel efficiency that leads to greatly reduced running costs. The software tool can even alert users to components that need to be changed PRIOR to visiting the shop.

This is huge and means that car owners employing the Total Car Diagnostics package are effectively no longer at the mercy of unscrupulous vehicle mechanics that swap out components on a whim and for extra profit.

This “best of breed” all-in-one pro diagnostic package allows users to hack their car to run better, find and clear faults and optimize for best all round performance.

To learn more about Total Car Diagnostics, please visit


Total Car Diagnostics produces diagnostic software tools that have been proven to significantly enhance car performance and fuel economy. They are trusted worldwide by more than 1.5 million ordinary motorists and car mechanics alike. Total Car Diagnostics have been in business for over 5 years, have 12 employees and boast a combined experience of over 60 years in the business.