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Is your LinkedIn profile turning off potential customers?

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The LinkedIn business network offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to connect, get their message seen and generate sales.

LinkedIn is not a social free-for-all like Facebook. People go to LinkedIn to make connections, engage with their peers and seek out professionals who can help them solve business problems.

If you’re involved in sales, work as a consultant or offer any kind of business service – you need a professional LinkedIn profile.

The opportunity to make profitable business connections via LinkedIn is growing exponentially – just look at the trend in these LinkedIn membership numbers:

linkedin profile optimization

Credit: Statista

What does YOUR LinkedIn profile say about you and your business?

Unbelievably, many businesses are squandering their chance of impressing contacts on LinkedIn by putting up terrible profiles. Their profiles do nothing to convey their business message, the services they offer and what they can do to help potential customers.

Make no mistake, the modern buyer is savvy and will be checking you and your competitors out online. Are you happy for them to judge you by your current LinkedIn profile?

Your LinkedIn profile is free publicity real estate that can be used to educate potential customers about your product or service

Unfortunately, this opportunity is being wasted by millions of LinkedIn users – here are some examples, taken straight from LinkedIn, that illustrate the point perfectly.

Sadly, they took less than 10 minutes to find …

linkedin profile writing

Great saying but what can your business do for me?

A ten-word profile??

linkedin profile optimization

A Director of Online Sales with no profile text at all!

linkedin profile rewrite

Just 3 sentences? What a waste.

If your LinkedIn profile looks anything like these examples, we’ll help you fix it

Improve your LinkedIn profile immediately

Here are some steps you can take to improve your LinkedIn profile right now:

Headline – the importance of a well thought out headline can’t be overstated. Your headline must draw the reader in and make them want to consume the rest of your LinkedIn profile. It needs to be client-centric, definitely not you-centric. You achieve this by stating who you serve, the value you bring and the problem(s) you solve. It should never be just a job title or company name. Your headline alone can have a huge impact on your profile’s effectiveness at engaging potential leads.

Custom image – make a great first impression and optimize this space with an attractive, relevant image. Check out three of the four examples above that don’t even make an effort to capitalize on this important piece of real estate. You need to stand out from the crowd – use your company logo, your company colours, a call to action; convey, extend and reinforce your brand. Even have fun with your custom image at certain times of the year (like Christmas).

Summary section – this is the first 200 or so characters people see before they click on “see more” to check out the rest of your profile. It’s the ideal place to instantly communicate what you do and how you solve your ideal prospect’s problem or pain. You need to get the reader to click on the see more link, or your LinkedIn profile is wasted.

These are a just a couple of things you can do to make your LinkedIn profile relevant to a prospect’s needs and connect with them effectively – and we haven’t even got to the body text and the rest of the profile yet!

Our LinkedIn profile optimization service

Why not let us optimize your profile and help get it discovered on LinkedIn?

More specifically, we’ll:

  • Review your LinkedIn profile as it stands now to evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Consult with you to uncover your background, skills and what you can do for potential customers (quick, easy process).
  • Re-write your LinkedIn profile using a proven structure and methodology that works.
  • Build your profile in a way that gives you the maximum chance of being discovered in LinkedIn search (important).
  • Revise your profile until you’re 100% happy with the result.

In other words,

We’ll optimize your LinkedIn profile’s content and help you get found by potential customers

The bottom line…

There are literally millions of contacts on LinkedIn just waiting to discover your business.

To take advantage of this almost limitless pool of leads, your profile must differentiate you from the also-rans and present you as the solution they’ve been searching for.

Right now, we’re running a limited time introductory promotion for new clients (our way of getting to know you).

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