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Revealed: 5 Commercial Imperatives for Your Journey to the Cloud via Colocation


The colocation marketplace is undergoing substantial growth with no sign of letting up any time soon. Constrained IT budgets and the financial infeasibility of running an in-house data center are both adding fuel to the

5 Reasons That Make Colocation a Smart Choice for Your Enterprise Computing Strategy


A typical colocation involves a third party (colo) providing a physical building, power, cooling facilities and adequate bandwidth for your computing needs while you provide the necessary hardware such as servers and storage. Colo’s can

We’re all on Java 8 – Technical Article


The really cool thing about hybris is that the platform incorporates all major technology upgrades soon after they become available. This means you immediately have the chance to work with newest versions of languages and

Medical SAAS – Brochure


In today’s value driven medical environment the ability of the insideoutcomes software solution to provide accurate, actionable data through patient reported outcomes is more critical than ever before.” Insideoutcomes delivers exceptional value to providers by

Tips for Medical Device Start-ups – and the Software-related Pitfalls to Avoid


This is an extract from an article I wrote giving tips for medical device start-up companies.

Article on the Evolution of Cloud Services


An article that explores the impact of cloud-based computing on IT strategy.

Solar Energy Solutions


This extract is from a Sales Article I wrote for a renewable energy company on the subject of Solar Energy Solutions.

Huffington Post – Article On Retargeting


Have you ever wondered why the same advertisement seems to chase you all over the internet? Here's an article I wrote for The Huffington Post that explains why.

Press Release – Auto Diagnostics


I wrote this press release for an Australian company that sells an auto diagnostic product. Their product allows users to tune their car at home, and save a fortune at the shop.

Network Security Company Profile – Technical

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My brief was to write a compelling company profile for this Network Security provider based in the UK.

Faction Health & Safety Group


I worked with Mike Devitt, Managing Director of UK based Health and Safety Consultancy, Faction HSG, to improve his branding and to help convey the company message clearly to his target audience.

SCRUM Rules The World Article – Technical


An article written about the SCRUM methodology from a developer's perspective.

Video Script (No Visuals)

A video script I wrote for a dog hygiene product and the finished video. This was for a UK based company and I was also involved in writing their sales materials and website content.

Video Script With Visuals

This is a video script I wrote (with visuals) for a CAD visualization product.

Huffington Post Article

A Huffington Post article written for a Financial Services client.

Press Release On IT Web – Technical


This is a Press Release written for a technology company whose product maximizes WAN throughput.

Sales Page/ Video Script – Online Marketing


Extracted from a sales page I wrote for an online marketing company.

Sales Page – Business Consultant

Extract from a Sales Page written for a business Consultant.

Concise About Us Page

Every word had to count in this concise "about us" piece.

Helix Gear


Helped build this successful brand from scratch



Advised on Marketing Strategy, website and marketing materials.